Despite disruptions!

Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published August 20, 2020

How can you achieve excellence when things are mediocre at best?


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the darkness disrupted plans? Let’s journey together!

It’s back to school time in Tennessee!

And not just virtual school. Real, in-person school. And let’s just say that has raised anxiety levels a little.

Planning for anything when school – and life itself – isn’t even remotely predictable makes it very hard to be hopeful, or much more than downright pessimistic.

But after two weeks of greeting the faces of students who have been isolated for five months, I can tell you that even in times like these, hope can still be a very real thing.

Before they came back, my fellow teachers and I worried about our students’ behavior.

But when they came back, our students were more respectful, quiet, calm and cooperative than we’d ever seen them before.

Before they came back, we worried about our students’ compliance with new safety regulations, such as wearing masks.

But when they came back, they were not only compliant, but chose to continue wearing masks even during scheduled breaks.

Before they came back, we worried about their attitudes and resistance to a year with so many restrictions and so few rewards.

But when they came back, they could not hide the joy from their faces from simply being in school, out of their house, and with a peer group.

Before school started, teachers and parents alike struggled with more fears than we had the strength to fend off.

But ever since our students came back, they have been the ones to teach us the power of faith by the strength of their example.

Even though the 2020-21 school year has not been without its hassles, headaches, and health concerns, our students have reminded us of why it is worth all the trouble.

And is this not a very powerful reminder of what all of the inconveniences of the year are about?

The well-being of our youth, our elderly, our family, friends, community and world.

The souls whose lives are worth every sacrifice and whose spirits are stronger than we sometimes give them credit for.

The quiet reassurance that somehow through all the mess, treasures of wisdom can still shine through.

A bright-eyed eleven year-old girl in a mask can look around a sixth grade classroom that’s anything but normal, and say, “We’re learning to appreciate everything more.”

If that isn’t excellence, I don’t know what is.

Mrs. Cain’s 6th Grade class is still striving for excellence!


Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What challenges have you had to overcome during the pandemic?
  • What are your thoughts on schools as the 20-21 year begins?
  • Have you seen or experienced any heroic or admirable responses you’d like to give a shout about?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

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