But consider the destination!

Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published August 6, 2020

The road that reaps a diamond is difficult, but worthwhile.


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the darkness of a long haul? Let’s journey together!

So it’s not been an easy road.

And now that school is starting back to not-normal it can seem even harder.

But even though the road paved by pandemic fears and restrictions is not the one any of us wants to be on right now, consider the greater prize to be won.

We have all made tremendous sacrifices to keep our families safe. And what greater expression of love is there than sacrifice?

If you don’t believe me, ask a Christian about the price of redemption – the greatest diamond of all.

And now parents and schools are faced with some pretty tough decisions regarding our children. Children who have already made incredible sacrifices themselves.

But if we find ourselves in a situation where parents are making sacrifices because they love their children and children are making sacrifices because they love their parents, is that not a pretty incredible reflection of the character of our families?

Is it anything short of heroic when you think about it?

In fact, can you think of a single hero who didn’t have a challenge to face?

Indeed, it is the challenges that make the hero, not the other way around.

So as we turn yet another page on a very trying chapter of history, ask yourself about the kind of story you are writing today. The things you will be talking about for years to come.

Yes, there will be stories of frustration and deprivation. Stories even touching on the absurd such as the great toilet paper panic. 

But I can’t help but believe this struggle has to be more than a vain, useless burden.

I can’t help but believe a greater good is being worked even now from it all.

A greater sense of appreciation, commitment, and loyalty. A deeper understanding of the fact that material and technological comforts can never come close to competing with the basic need for true fellowship with another human being. 

Even a level of strength and perseverance we never knew we had until we had to.

You see, while pearls of blessings, rewards, and opportunities came along much more easily and frequently on our pre-pandemic pathways, it is only by surmounting a longer, darker journey that the diamond of a great destiny can ever be possible.

A destiny more than possible for the overcomer inside you. The true hero shining through your sacrifice and perseverance today.


Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What challenges have you had to overcome during the pandemic?
  • What are your thoughts on schools as the 20-21 year begins?
  • Have you seen or experienced any heroic or admirable responses you’d like to give a shout about?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

Just shoot me an email – don’t be shy! And I promise to reply!


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Author - Teacher - Encourager Kristi is a wife, mother, inspirational blogger, Crosswalk contributor, and crafter of fantastical stories of Christian fiction.

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