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Your Latest Cainspirations


WHEN TIMES ARE LEAN… “February was a busy month, but not necessarily one of plenty. Bills and time demands have piled up. On one hand, there have been several occasions for celebration, from the courageous leaders of black and women’s history to the warmth of Valentine’s Day to the revivals sweeping across the nation’s colleges. But if your…

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WHEN WORRY HITS… “My daughter Katie just received her fifth college acceptance from the University of the South, the most prestigious school she’s been admitted to so far. Every parent probably has a story of a door opening for their child that made them proud, but Katie’s story is a little different than most. At the age of…

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WHEN A NEW YEAR DAWNS… “New year, new me. Sounds great on the surface. But sometimes the weight of past disappointments can offset the hopeful impact built on the thin foundation of a single calendar date. Especially those of us who had our hopes up in New Year 2020. But what if you had a hope built on the…

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WHEN YOU’RE STRETCHED THIN… “The holidays come with a special set of pressures. Demands, obligations, and expectations swirl around us like no other time of year. Not to mention the potential for hurt feelings and conflict lurking around the corner of every close relationship. And when our nerves inevitably get frayed, it’s easy to get down on ourselves for not…

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