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32 Inspirational Bible Verses to Help You Choose Joy Every Day
Bible Study, February 17, 2021
“Let’s face it: choosing joy is a lot easier said than done… But if we could just remember to turn to our one true source of inspiration in life, we would realize how very abundant God’s joy really is…”

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What is Fasting and How Do Christians Get Started?
Spiritual Life, January 21, 2021 featuring Christy Hall of Fame Author James L. Rubart!
“How often do you fast? Yeah, I get it. Most people I know would answer, ‘Never’ or ‘Rarely’ …So why don’t more Christians fast?” Click here for the full article!

48 Hopeful New Year Bible Verses to Celebrate the New Year
Spiritual Life, January 4, 2021
“After 2020, we are all ready for a little more hope in the New Year. And what better place to start than with hopeful New Year Bible verses to guide us?” Click here for the full article!

3 Comforting Ways Jesus Is Our ‘Light that Shines in the Darkness’
Bible Study, December 14, 2020
“As we look to celebrate Christ in these winter days, it is helpful to consider three comforting ways Jesus will always be our light that shines through the darkness.” Click here for the full article!

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