“Even in a new year, this is a hard time for hope.

And it has been a bit of a struggle for me, too, as we turn the pages of another chapter of pandemic life.

But my husband Greg has a talent for discovering some pretty incredible things on the internet; most recently a video about a girl named Akiane Kramarik.

And it was truly awe-inspiring…”

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Welcome to my Cainspirations family!

WELCOME to my blog!

Thank you for joining me on my exciting new author journey as we DISCOVER DESTINY and OVERCOME DARKNESS together!

About me

“In many ways I am your typical teacher mom in the Smoky Mountain Foothills of East Tennessee. Except I have a special passion to inspire others with the gift of story. This inspiration hit the day I got a phone call at school that my four-year-old daughter was being taken to the hospital by ambulance…”

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