When a new year dawns…

Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published December 30, 2022


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the struggle to envision a brighter future? Let’s journey together!

 New year, new me.

Sounds great on the surface.

But sometimes the weight of past disappointments can offset the hopeful impact built on the thin foundation of a single calendar date. Especially those of us who had our hopes up in New Year 2020.

But what if you had a hope built on the firmest foundation imaginable? The stone that the builder’s rejected? The cornerstone of every eternal promise?

And what if that land of promise awaiting us was filled with not just peace, but prosperity and purpose?

What if your true destiny involves stepping into a range of abilities you never knew you had?

What if being free of our mortal coil means unleashing a hidden well of real-life super-powers that come from a source much stronger than fairy-tale (or even Marvel) magic?

It is unfortunate that popular culture has so many of us believing the lie that heaven is a boring, sleepy place. Where you get a robe, a few clouds, and maybe a harp and some music, if you’re lucky.

Because that is hardly what Jesus and the prophets speak of when they promise us roles as priests and kings, and rulers of cities and nations. That is hardly what our Lord and Savior looked like when he led armies of angels against the might of our enemy in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

It is popular to teach children to pursue their dreams on earth, but how many of us have considered that our highest calling and talents will one day be on full display in a setting too lively to wrap our minds around?

What if every hardship you ever face and every triumph you ever find in this life is one big practice round of training for the true destiny that awaits you, the dream you were created to walk in through the victory of Christ?

George S. Patton famously said, “He who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle.”

If this life is training for our best life–without the hashtag falsehood–then maybe this is the year that we need to start sweating more.

Maybe we need start fighting harder for the right things and spend less time worrying about the wrong things.

Maybe we need to take a chance to mend the fences that need mending, stand up to forces that sow corruption, and keep closer watch over the faith and family the enemy lies in wait to attack at every turn.

Maybe we need to spend a little more time studying life’s only complete training manual, so we will be ready for the next battle and prepared for the next test.

If we all train our hardest this year, we won’t only discover a “new me,” but a much higher, much more powerful destiny than we have ever known.

LOOKING BACK: A few brief updates!

As the year concludes, I would be remiss not to celebrate the things I have to be thankful for, including your faithful support. 

*The Cainspirations subscriber list is now at over 1,600 readers and counting. This is a level of support I had never anticipated and I am so honored so many have chosen to journey together with me!

*2022 was about digging deep into my theological research to add some of the most exciting and God-honoring changes to, Rescuing the Dark, the completed manuscript of Book 1 of my planned Key of Shadows series. The revision process has taken longer than I anticipated but I know the extra time I am taking to reshape and polish it will make the story the best it can be. So thank you for your patience and I appreciate your prayers for continued progress in 2023.

*I am overjoyed to have been able to celebrate the strides fellow Christian writers have made this year. Christy-award winning author James L Rubart released the audio versions of the 4-book series he launched in 2021 centered around the time-travel mysteries of Rembrandt Stone, penned under the name David James Warren.

*First Impressions Winner and friend Hannah Mae launched her debut novel, Celestial, which is a wonderful read about an unlikely team of angels on a high-stakes mission.

*Christian devotion writer and Selah Book of the Year Winner Sarah Philpott started a reading club for her latest publication, The Growing Season.

*My aunt, New York Times bestselling author, Ginny Baird, returned to The Hallmark Channel for a Facebook Live event to discuss her cozy holiday romance, Christmas Avenue.

*Finally, this December, I was thrilled to welcome friend and Newbery-winning author Vince Vawter to Athens City Middle School where I teach after the entire student body read his semi-autobiographical novel, Paperboy.

Thanks again for your faithful support! My reading and writing tribe are one of my most vital sources of inspiration to this journey!
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Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What has helped you have hope for your future?
  • How has God revealed a higher calling or sense of purpose in your life?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

Just shoot me an email – don’t be shy! And I promise to reply!


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PHOTO CREDITS (top to bottom, left to right): “Frozen Falls” by Kim Cochran Graham, Bald River Falls, Tennessee; “White Barn Beauty” by Josie Siler, Downsville, Wisconsin; “Flaming Horizon, Frosty Fields” by Stephanie McClane, Monticello, Kentucky; and “A New Day Dawns” by Tisha King, Englewood, Tennessee.

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Cain’s life experiences and faith journey have lent her the lens through which she shapes stories of unlocking the light of destiny out of darkness. Through her writing, she hopes to encourage people to understand that the difficult places in life can be the very ingredients that shape the greatest destinies.

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