3 Lessons of Easter…

Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published April 16, 2022


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the struggle to see past the darkness of Saturday? Let’s journey together!

Tomorrow is Easter. Resurrection Day. A day of triumph and redemption. Of joy and feasting.
The morning of deliverance that follows the darkness of sin and death.
This week, I have attempted a fairly extensive study of Jesus’s activities each day of Holy Week. It has been a blessing to learn so much from his example and his word.
Although it would be impossible to condense so many Biblical chapters into a single blog post, here are 3 messages of hope I have taken away from God’s Word about this time.

Jesus loves us.
Jesus came to earth to be close to us and be one of us. Even though we are sinful and limited compared to him, he still loves us. Even when his disciples misunderstood and disappointed him, they were still the friends he died for.
What he wants most from us is a close and loving relationship. He wants to help us in our fallen state. He was willing to give everything to heal our brokenness. He wants us to be in his holy family and we are his chosen bride.

Jesus is all-powerful.
No scheme of his enemies could stop him. Death could not hold him. And the devil cannot defeat him. Choosing obedience to Jesus is choosing the only winning side there is. If we want things to turn out well for us, we need to listen to his teachings and seek a close relationship with him. Even if it feels like we have failed, like the world is against us, or like we have lost, if we are faithful to Jesus nothing can triumph over us and no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Jesus is eternal.
Jesus is our divine Lord. He is seated on a throne of heaven where he has already prepared a place for all of us. He is coming again to cast out sin and the devil from the earth. He will reign over a perfect, restored world for eternity. He will wipe every tear from our eyes and crown us in beauty and victory with him.
Want to study Holy Week more closely with me? Here is a pdf of my daily meditations or you can hop over to my Facebook Group and check them out as individual posts!
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Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What things are you most grateful to Jesus for when meditating on his Easter sacrifice & resurrection?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

Just shoot me an email – don’t be shy! And I promise to reply!

Looking for a great read in Christian Fiction? Check out Celestial!

I’m also thrilled to share some special news today! My friend and fellow writer, Hannah Mae, is releasing her debut Christian novel, Celestial! She is a winner of a national ACFW writing competition and is truly talented! I’d love you to grab a copy and leave a review for her!

Here’s a little more about Celestial and Hannah:

”For millenniums, angels like Captain Jediah had waged war against their former brethren: the demons. As Keeper of the Abyss, it’s his duty to ensure Appolyon’s army remains imprisoned until the end of the age.

Unfortunately, despite all that God had entrusted him with, Jediah is plagued by an unceasing guilt. It drives him to thirst for Christ’s redemptive power, but there’s one glaring problem. He’s not human. God’s gift of salvation is meant for mankind alone.

When God appoints him to lead a task force of five wildly different angels to capture two dangerous demons, Jediah ponders if his return to earth might be his only chance to learn what the core of human salvation truly is.

However, one of Jediah’s angels hides a secret agenda, and Jediah’s dark past is hellbent on hunting him down too. Can Jediah risk everything for the relief he’s desperate for? Or should he even bother chasing what he cannot have at all? What does living redeemed mean?”

What Hannah hopes you’ll get out of this book:

I certainly want Celestial to be a fun read for everyone, but there’s something far more important that I’ve asked God to do through this book every day and night. I’d like its readers to walk away with a renewed sense of thrill for the faith and a grander perspective of His grace and all that He’s accomplishing.

The Bible reveals there’s not one but two broken worlds…the visible and the invisible…both sides on the same coin. We so often limit our perspective of God’s providence to the visible that we neglect to realize how He’s re-shaping the invisible side. He’s used angels to glorify Himself to man. He’s also used men to glorify Himself to angels just as much if not possibly more. Really meditate on that! God is literally re-knitting both sides back together simultaneously!

So to non-Christians, I hope Celestial will be an entertaining read that reveals God’s character in a way they maybe hadn’t experienced before. To Christians, I hope they’ll finish Celestial with a stronger understanding and a deeper appreciation for the gift of salvation they have.


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