When they’ve thrown away the key…

Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published April 1, 2021


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the darkness of closed doors? Let’s journey together!

 Even without a global pandemic, it can feel like the world is swallowing us up.

The years when we are supposed to spread our wings and soar can send us spiraling into places we never wanted to be.

Places of limitation, exclusion, oppression, and suffering.

Places where no one seems to get us or even care.

And during Holy Week, as Christians begin to cycle through the complicated emotions accompanying history’s most confounding course of events, it’s easy to find ourselves asking, “Why?”

Why all the misery? The wickedness? The hatred?
Why did they kill him? Why was it allowed?
And it is hard not to look back at the struggles in our own lives, hoping God has more than a cross awaiting us at the end of it all. Hard not to look back and feel ashamed that he already took the cross we deserved.
But Jesus understood so much more was in store for us than the world will ever lead us to believe.
So much more than the religious leaders of his day, who thought he ought to answer to them.
So much more than the suffering outcasts, who thought they weren’t worthy.
So much more than his own disciples, who never thought his earthly ministry would be handed over to them when it had just begun.
He understood that God was the only true authority and the only source of approval that ever matters. And when he lived by this principle, he opened a new door, freeing us from religious oppression and the approval of man.
He understood that those who are most embattled by the forces of the enemy, “the least” in the eyes of the world, are indeed the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, opening a new door of comfort and dignity.
And he understood that even when we feel utterly unqualified, the God for whom all things are possible can equip us for horizons we could never have imagined, opening a new door of discipleship and ministry to all of us.
So even though the world can get us down and close us in—even try to lock us up and throw away the key—the Easter covenant reminds us that with God on our side, nothing will ever be strong enough to hold us down: no other authority, no amount of hardship, and no lack of ability—not even death itself.

That nothing will ever be hopeless or tragic enough in our life to limit the magnitude of the triumph that awaits us if we trust in God.
So, during our celebrations of resurrection, I challenge you to consider the doors that God can open in your life. Doors that will free you from worldly pressures that do not honor God. Doors that will ease the loads you struggle under. Doors that will bring you in contact with the people and situations you are best designed to serve God in.
Open up, and let Jesus’s loving example encourage you to take the first step through.



Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What door has Good been opening in your life?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

Just shoot me an email – don’t be shy! And I promise to reply!

Thanks for visiting with us today! I hope I’ve helped you feel encouraged! – Kristi

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Work looks a lot like play for Kristi Cain and includes freelance writing for Crosswalk, inspirational blogging, writing fantastical stories of Christian fiction, teaching English to teens, and being able to say, “I’m a former journalist.” Home is nestled in the Smoky Mountain foothills with her husband and teenage children. If you ever want a little encouragement in your day, check out her newsletter. Hop over to her website for her latest happenings and join her Facebook group, a fun, faith-based community.

Cain’s life experiences and faith journey have lent her the lens through which she shapes stories of unlocking the light of destiny out of darkness. These experiences include the difficult journey through her daughter’s medical crisis, which is one of the featured threads in her debut novel, The Key of Shadows.

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Author - Teacher - Encourager Kristi is a wife, mother, inspirational blogger, Crosswalk contributor, and crafter of fantastical stories of Christian fiction.

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