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Cainspirations by Kristi Cain, originally published March 19, 2021


Overcoming Darkness.

How are you overcoming the darkness of personal clutter? Let’s journey together!

This is the time of year that sends a lot of us digging through cluttered closets, cabinets, and drawers to clean out and clean up.

But consider what we might be able to accomplish if we were just as intentional about caring for our souls?

Unfortunately, that’s an area that’s a lot easier to let go than housework, or anything in the tangible realm of our lives.

Though, unlike the approch we often take with physical clean-outs, a spiritual spruce-up is more effective when we shift our focus from what we want to get rid of to what we want to keep.

While it is all too easy to let a laundry list of perceived  shortcomings and deficiencies cloud our own spiritual self-assessment, making us want to avoid the subject altogether, you might actually be surprised at how much you’ve been getting right all along.

According to both Paul and Jesus, the most important spiritual gift of all is love. Love is a selfless outpouring of caring for the well-being of another and a celebration of their very existence. A force that is the exact opposite of pride, envy, and scorn. A power with a direct spiritual link to the biggest super-power in the universe.

So, ask yourself, are there areas of your life where you have demonstrated the kind of selfless love that reflects the image of your Creator?

Chances are, there are, and if so, you already have the most powerful spiritual gift there is.

And, in the spirit of spring-cleaning your spirit, now might be a good time to ask yourself how you can expand this gift in your life, and remove any barriers to its expression.

While love is the most important spiritual gift, there are many others you can offer: mercy (the to ability reach out to those who are disenfranchised or in need of a second chance), faithfulness, selflessness, self-control, humility (the opposite of pridefulness), and boldness (for doing what is right, the opposite of complacency). If you really want to be thorough, you can even add in joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and gentleness from Galatians.

Some of these gifts come more naturally to us than others. For example, a person who is naturally gifted with humility and gentleness may struggle with boldness even when it is called for and vice versa.

But I guarantee that taking the time to invest in your spiritual strengths will put you in a much better position to clearly decide which areas of your life you may need to de-clutter to unleash the great supernatural potential that God bestowed upon your immortal soul.

And if you spend just the tiniest amount of time to reflect on this, I guarantee you your soul will be refreshed and invigorated to bless the world in a way only you can!

Where’s your March Crosswalk article, Kristi?

Actually, there’s not one this month.

But it’s no mistake.

Right now, I’m working on a new project that I hope a lot of you are going to find very helpful in unleashing the light of your own special destinies by assessing your spiritual gifting.

That doesn’t mean the Crosswalk articles are going away, just that I’m taking a little break to get something new off the ground.

Stay tuned for updates!


Don’t make me do all the talking – I’d love to hear from you!

  • What unique spiritual gifts has God revealed in your life?
  • Do you want to hear about anything else? Any prayer requests?

Just shoot me an email – don’t be shy! And I promise to reply!

Thanks for visiting with us today! I hope I’ve helped you feel encouraged! – Kristi

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Work looks a lot like play for Kristi Cain and includes freelance writing for Crosswalk, inspirational blogging, writing fantastical stories of Christian fiction, teaching English to teens, and being able to say, “I’m a former journalist.” Home is nestled in the Smoky Mountain foothills with her husband and teenage children. If you ever want a little encouragement in your day, check out her newsletter. Hop over to her website for her latest happenings and join her Facebook group, a fun, faith-based community.

Cain’s life experiences and faith journey have lent her the lens through which she shapes stories of unlocking the light of destiny out of darkness. These experiences include the difficult journey through her daughter’s medical crisis, which is one of the featured threads in her debut novel, The Key of Shadows.

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Author - Teacher - Encourager Kristi is a wife, mother, inspirational blogger, Crosswalk contributor, and crafter of fantastical stories of Christian fiction.


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